Apply for Membership

Apply for Membership

Application for concideration for membership to Midland County Search and Rescue is a multi-step process that when complete and approved by the MCSAR board will result in a membership classification for the applicant. All steps are outlined in the Application Flowchart. Requirements for a member of MCSAR are outlined below.

1 Qualification Requirements 
* Fill out the application form: MCSAR Application / Background Check
* Pass a police background check 
* Agree to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws 
* Agree to rules and requirements as set forth by the BOD 
* Become either an associate or probationary member and 
  + Complete field support training requirements 
  + Attend at least 75% of all training exercises 
  + Be accepted by the board as a full member 

2 Participation Requirements 
* Dues may be required 
* Maintain clear status with Law Enforcement Agencies 
* Be a minimum of 18 years of age for full membership 
* Stay in physical shape to respond to incidents 

3 Training Requirements 
* Complete the FEMA Incident Command training system within 4 months of joining MCSAR 
  + IS - 100
  + IS - 200 
  + IS - 700 
  + IS - 800 
* Be trained and proficient, at minimum, 
  in Adult/Child/Infant CPR & Foreign Body Airway Obstruction and First Aid. 
* Will accept training certs from KENT County and NASAR as sufficient to 
  participate in MCSAR Searches. Other certs may be accepted at board discretion.

4 Other issues to Consider 
* SAROPs Class - Currently not a BOD requirement but could become one if participation 
  falls low enough to risk search operations